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Some Questions from Peoples of Pakistan to the UK Government.

Pakistan and Imran Khan

As usually all opposition parties in Pakistan trying to pull down the Prime Minister from his seat. Somebody outside of Pakistan can think what is the reason behind it but every Pakistani knows that the all corrupt parties and their Leaders not accepting the way Law tightening the rope around them they want to escape like formel Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Ishaque Dar Escape from Pakistan on the basis of health condition.

Why every corrupt Politician want to go abroad for health care

Because they just want to escape they done nothing in their turn for the health sector if not a single hospital in Pakistan takes care of them then they are responsible and their act is punishable to not building such a hospital. They are going to court with a stick or in a wheelchair but after going abroad specially in the UK (Heaven of all corrupt Politician) they use to go to pubs eating Pizza doing shopping.

UK hypocrisy regarding their Nationals and others

What type of hypocrisy in the UK is going on we the peoples of Pakistan can’t understand the claim that the rule of law in their country is in every walk of life. But look at the points behind I can show you they are not interested in foreign peoples in their country or simply they damn care about our theif.

1-Altaf Hussain (Chief of MQM)

Altaf Husain (MQM Chief)

A terrorist taking funding from India and responsible for hundreds of killings in the city of Karachi is enjoying a luxury lifestyle since 1991. He is responsible for the extortion of thousands of case reports.

2-Ishaque Dar (Former Finance Minister)

Former Finance Minister of Pakistan everybody knows he is a corrupt lawyer and dishonest except the UK Government. But they can see him on the well-known talk show Hard Talk. He is facing the cases in Pakistan (Assets beyond means). And absconder right now.

3-Nawaz Sharif (Former Prime Minister)

Every child in Pakistan knows about him he is the corrupt sluggish Politician in the History of Pakistan but he is addressing rallies in Pakistan and doing Hate Speech Live from Uk. Having Mayfair Flats what is the stance of UK Government officials we don’t know. He and his family holding multiple properties in the UK They don't know about the rule (Assets beyond means)?.

These are some examples otherwise every corrupt man from the Banking sector, Bussinesman, Bearocrate, Judges, all know the UK is their Heaven.

Now there is some question to ask.

1-What type of Rule of Law in practice in the UK.

2-Is there any Intelligence to monitor these issues.

3-Do you really care about the third world countries or just want to corrupt peoples to spend their money in your country and take part to raise Your Economy.

That’s not over yet .




Basically from Marketing background.

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Akbar Ali

Akbar Ali

Basically from Marketing background.

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