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Humanity and Business (business frauds examples)

We can observe in our daily life everywhere advertisements about food, drinks, Medicine, clothing, tech, household, in short about everything. What I think these all or you can say most of them are scams we can discuss one by one.

Food and Drinks

Companies want to sell their products at any cost branding them organic, natural, cheap price, better than all the wast numbers of peoples depends on these adds media person, channels including tv, youtube, add companies they have to close there eyes and also governments they all are making money and their stakes are involved. What we know at the end of the day consumer we the common peoples feeding them purchasing, for example, a 01 Ltr juice in 10$ so we are paying 50 percent extra for all I mention above and believe me they are not selling that they are presenting you.


If you are in a country like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, or simply in third world countries. If you visit any clinic no matter it's a private clinic or a Government Hospital. The doctor has to prescribe certain medicine he/she wants it doesn't matter you need it or not they want to get a commission from the pharmaceutical companies peoples are not aware what is happening to them everyone wants to get well magically in one or two days so the doctor giving the third generation medicine in every street clinic and making commission who knows how many peoples are expired every day for that reason. The doctors prescribing the brands, not the generic name the question is why the answer is Multination companies and Legislators of the Countries mostly corrupt and the Doctors the all making money. Who is feeding them we the common peoples?

Internet especially social media

I can say the heaven of corrupt peoples if you want to generate dirty money you should go and there is thousand way to make peoples fool and cut there pockets it's very easy only ethics can stop you. There are millions of scams happening every day nobody care because the peoples can stop this are making money simple case of conflict of interest. Go on google the top rated search engine and type “how to earn” and you will see thousands of links selling subscription from 0.5$ to hundreds of dollar and telling peoples you start earning like seven days google Adsense giving them ads because they have internet traffic people making videos on youtube become millionaires and talking rubbish making fool of peoples nobody stopping them because they are making money who is feeding them. We the common peoples.


In all these corrupt peoples of third world and West are on one page make money at any cost no matter what happens to the World they just want money and at the end, they show themselves having a lot of pain in their heart about Human and also showcase some donation activity. The money of donation comes from? From our pocket again we the common peoples.

Basically from Marketing background.