5 Tips and Tricks to Fight Cravings

Willpower Under Attack

5 Tips and Tricks to Fight Cravings

Lifestyle Food cravings can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Particularly for all dieters, food cravings are a real challenge to your willpower. They are one of the main reasons people have…

Some laughs are for you only

Humanity and Business (business frauds examples)

We can observe in our daily life everywhere advertisements about food, drinks, Medicine, clothing, tech, household, in short about everything. What I think these all or you can say most of them are scams we can discuss one by one.

Food and Drinks


Some Questions from Peoples of Pakistan to the UK Government.

Pakistan and Imran Khan

As usually all opposition parties in Pakistan trying to pull down the Prime Minister from his seat. Somebody outside of Pakistan can think what is the reason behind it but every Pakistani knows that the all corrupt parties and their Leaders not accepting the way Law tightening the rope around…

Akbar Ali

Basically from Marketing background.

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